Sourdough bread

Crispy crust, fluffy inside.

Sourdough bread

Our sourdough bread contains of only three simple ingredients – flour, water and salt. However, it takes nearly 24h to prepare each loaf! We don't add any yeast to these breads, the only ingredient responsible for the softness and fluffiness is our leaven that we maintain daily. We add it to our dough and just let it rest, and who doesn’t feel better after relaxing a bit!

Crispy crust and fluffy inside, that’s how we would describe our sourdough bread! Due to the long preparation process, this bread is available only for deliveries or pick-up in the afternoons or evenings.

Each bread is roughly 8 by 8 inches (21 by 21 cm) and weighs ~23oz (650g).

$6.99 each. Contact us to place an order.

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