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Sourdough bread $6.99 ea.
Multigrain sourdough bread (wheat and rye) $6.99 ea.
Multigrain sourdough bread with seeds $7.49 ea.
Polish donut — strawberry $2.99 ea.
Polish donut — raspberry $2.99 ea.
Polish donut — plum $2.99 ea.
Polish donut — blackberry $2.99 ea.
Polish donut — apricot $3.49 ea.
Polish donut — rosehip $3.49 ea.
Polish donut — blueberry & pomegranate $3.49 ea.
Finnish donut — strawberry $3.49 ea.
Cinnamon bun $3.49 ea.
Nordic cardamom bun $2.99 ea.
Nordic butter bun $2.99 ea.
Finnish rye bread — 88% rye (traditional) $6.99 ea.
Finnish rye bread — 88% rye with caraway $6.99 ea.
Finnish rye bread — 100% rye $6.99 ea.
Total for products $0.00
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