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A huge thank you for baking with us for over six sweet years! In 2024, we're shifting to a "what's baking today?" approach. While we can't guarantee all menu items are available, drop us a line and we'll let you know what we're baking right now!
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Quantity Product Price
Sourdough bread $7.99 ea.
Multigrain sourdough bread (wheat and rye) $7.99 ea.
Multigrain sourdough bread with seeds $9.49 ea.
Polish donut — strawberry $3.99 ea.
Polish donut — raspberry $3.99 ea.
Polish donut — plum $3.99 ea.
Polish donut — apricot $4.49 ea.
Polish donut — rosehip $4.49 ea.
Polish donut — sour cherry $4.49 ea.
Cinnamon bun $4.49 ea.
Nordic cardamom bun $3.99 ea.
Nordic butter bun $3.99 ea.
Finnish rye bread — 12 pieces $17.99 ea.
Finnish donut (munkki) (seasonal) $3.99 ea.
Total for products $0.00
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