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Bringing Nordic flavors to the Bay Area since 2017.

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For all the products we offer in Lapland Bakery, we are using our favorite recipes tested for many years. Some of them originated from cooking books or culinary blogs, some were shared by friends, and some are the results of our own experiments. Each of the recipes have been improved and adjusted to fit the best tastes of our friends and family here in California, as well as in Finland. We believe that they are our best judges. Before baking for Lapland Bakery, we carefully researched local Californian ingredients to see which are the best fit for recreating delicious Nordic flavors.



We know there's nothing better than homemade food. It's not just about the favorite flavors, but also about the amazing scent of freshly baked buns, or the sensation you get when you take the first bite of a bread straight from the oven. We at Lapland Bakery want to offer you an experience as close as possible to this. We are baking products only by order, and our products are prepared as close to pick-up or delivery time as possible. This way you can enjoy the freshest possible buns, bread, and other goods, knowing that they were baked with care and love just for you!

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On our website you'll find a list of products we offer. Initially, we'll start with a few key products, but the list will grow and include also some seasonal goods. As we focus on Nordic food, you can expect pastries for different Finnish celebrations, such as Christmas tarts, Runeberg tortes, funnel cakes (tippaleipä) and more. We're going to focus on different products weekly, so follow our social media for updates. Some of our products, especially sourdough breads, need a lot of time and patience to bake. We are not rushing it, and allow our dough to rest for as long as time it needs. Our products are at their best when consumed the day of purchase, but if you buy larger quantities or are planning to enjoy them later, we recommend freezing the products right after purchase to preserve freshness. Unfortunately the state of California doesn't allow Cottage Food Operations to ship products. They have to be delivered personally or picked up.

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The idea for Lapland Bakery came from two of our passions—baking and Finland. Finnish Lapland has inspired us with its beauty and simplicity. Over there, life slows down and goes in harmony with nature. Sounds like the opposite to the Bay Area lifestyle, right? However, we believe that even in sunny California, life can be better if you slow down for a moment and enjoy a lovely Nordic cinnamon bun. In our opinion, food doesn't have to be complicated to taste good. Therefore, most of our products contain of few simple, but always high quality ingredients. Our secret ingredient is time. We give it to our dough, so it can rise slowly to achieve its best.
We used to live in Finland where we baked Finnish specialties for family, friends and the Restaurant Day in Helsinki. Now living abroad, we want to bring happiness to people who miss Nordic cuisine as much as we did, as well to these who are looking forward to experience new flavors. We hope that more people in the Bay Area will try Nordic food and fall in love with it, which might inspire them to visit Finland, or even Lapland, one day.

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