Polish donuts - Pączki

Traditional fluffy donuts for the Carnival season.

Glazed Polish donuts

According to Polish traditions, donuts are eaten in fair quantities during the entire Carnival season, but especially on Fat Thursday, which in 2022 is February 24th. To celebrate this tradition, we are offering delicious donuts based on a traditional Polish recipe!

Our donuts are filled with jam and glazed with zesty icing, or coated with sugar, and they are entirely handmade following a tested recipe we've used for years. Despite being deep fried, the donuts are soft, fluffy, and light.

Please note that we only sell donuts the same day they were prepared, so they reach you as fresh as possible. When you place an order, we will contact you to confirm available pick-up days or delivery slots.

Currently, we offer the following types of donuts:

  • Polish style donuts with strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry filling, and orange glaze — $2.99 each
  • Polish style donuts with plum filling and powdered sugar — $2.99 each
  • Polish style donuts with apricot filling and orange glaze — $3.49 each
  • Finnish style donuts with a hint of cardamom, strawberry filling, and a crunchy sugar coating — $3.49 each

Unless announced otherwise in social media, donuts can be only order with a minimum order of 15 pieces.
If you have a special request for a filling (strawberry, raspberry, plum, etc.) and topping (glaze, powdered sugar, sugar) combination, please contact us and we’ll see what can be done!

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